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Flavors of the true Southwest

Life is about balance, and the same holds true for great food and drink. We utilize regional fresh offerings and combine special Southwestern ingredients into something that not only tantalize the palate, but make you feel like you are right there immersed in the environment.

At Tortilla Union Southwest Grill, our goal is to celebrate the spirit of the Southwest... but recognize that many regions of the world have contributed to create what we know as southwestern cuisine. 

We believe "it's not the destination, but the journey," and we intend to make every day an important celebration of people and flavors from all over the southwest. Get ready for a wonderful journey with us!

Specialty SOUTHWESTERN Dishes

Tortilla Union specialties include delicious Fried Avocado Street Tacos, tender Union Ribs, sweet Smoked Watermelon Salad or festive Southwestern Nachos along with many other flavorful dishes. We keep things 'spirited' with specialty craft cocktails made with hand-selected Tequilas and traditional Southwest whisky to be enjoyed around our signature campfire.

Tortilla Union elevates the senses without overpowering them. What a great balance of freshness and flavor...
— Kiana K.